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 What is "counterpolitik"?

 It is a made-up word derived from the term realpolitik.

 Realpolitik was coined in the 19th century by the German writer and politician Ludwig von Rochau. It referred to the role of   power in governing state affairs. 


 Today, realpolitik refers to the practice of politics based on the use of power, rather than ideals and ethics, to achieve a   means to an end. To "politick" is to persuade by way of promotion. It is to use craft and cunning to curry favour,   influence opinion, and control events. We see realpolitik in action every time we encounter a door-to-door   salesperson, every time we watch a politician deliver a campaign speech, every time we scroll through our social   media feeds. Politicking is an act of deliberate insincerity.

 The prefix "counter" means "contrary" or "in opposition." So the idea behind counterpolitik is simply to reject realpolitik   by writing with honesty, clarity, and integrity, without an attempt to obfuscate and deceive.


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